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Hridaya Nambiar

               The COO of HilFin, has worked in DevOps, Cloud and IoT environment for years. As a former employee of Cisco Systems she has good knowledge and  experience with different Engineering and Development Infrastructure. She has single handedly managed various projects for a number of companies. She has excellently developed, deployed and integrated many roles into one piece of technology and helped in the booming of many companies. With Primary focus on IoT she planned and implemented many projects on the same. She is also member of the IoT Next which is an organisation that helps to improve and build IoT projects in various startups and established companies. She has a zeal to excel and hence now turned into an entrepreneur, to inspire and help others grow and learn from her rich experience and to set her footprint that can always be remembered in the field of technologies. She has earned her Postgraduate Degree in Digital Electronics from CMR Institute of Technology and has an Engineering foundation from Cambridge University.





Feel the Difference


Currently COO of HilFin, Driving the operation & management gear of the company.

Shaping Future

At Srixetra, worked as IOT Engineer, build and designed varios IOT based Application.

At Cisco, worked as an Engineer Developer, Modified and build various softwares. 


At Bsoft, worked as a Software Engineer, I developed  and directed  software systems.




We at HilFin are known as the problem solvers. And our Employees are a bunch of entrepreneurs who enjoy working with fast moving businesses. We help entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality in the best way possible. Here we provide Training & Consulting services for market & enterprise clients. With expertise in major Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, HilFin is uniquely positioned to be the single technology source for organisation looking to utilise the flexibility of the latest technology. To know us better log on to http://hilfintechnology.com/

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